“So…What Is It That You Do?” – The Life of a Copywriter

what is a copywriter

As the holidays wrap up, so will my time at Lush in Brisbane. My sixth Christmas slinging bath bombs gifted me amazing friends and a wild appreciation for Australian pay rates. I’m sad to go but have to move on to New Zealand. While Becky and I are taking a big road trip in the Ilanamobile, I’ll be working about 10 hours a week for my copywriting job (I was doing about 5 while I was working at Lush.) The 10 hours of work will go toward day to day expenses (although I have a majority of them saved up from Lush,) and American taxes.

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Five Habits to Kick Before You Go Backpacking

backpacking tips

Backpacking doesn’t follow the timeline or the rules of everyday life. You often have to condense all a country has to offer into a month or a week. Days of the week don’t mean a damn thing. A free towel or breakfast makes or breaks your accommodation decisions. This adventure can change your life, but you’ll have to adjust the way you live it for a few months as you travel.

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Restorative Yoga Poses for Anxiety (Free PDF)

restorative yoga poses for anxiety

My mom likes to remind me of a story from when I was five and I was very passionate about animals. (Took me until I was 20 to become a vegetarian, though.) One day, I decided I was going to start a club to save the animals. Which ones? I don’t know. Just all of them. My tiny self made business cards on Microsoft something-or-other advertising a Save the Animals club meeting, at recess, on the playground.

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Have You Signed Up For The BBB Mailing List Yet?

Hey friends! Quick update. I have an email list now! I’m very late to this game, but it’s just the easiest way to make sure all of you guys see my posts without the mess of Facebook and Pinterest algorithms. I’ll still be writing about new posts on social media, but they will also be delivered to your inbox every two weeks or so! Plus, if I ever want to offer exciting goodies and stuff, you’ll be the first to get it.

So here I am, asking you to sign up for the mailing list. Many thanks to those that do! I’ll be sending out a welcome email in a few days.