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prague meganHey friends! My name is Megan Okonsky. I am a yogi, traveler, and general promotor of good feelings. I grew up around Philadelphia and graduated from Temple University in 2015. Ever since, I’ve been writing, backpacking, and figuring out this life thing.

After a two-year stint of working my butt off in Austin, Texas, it’s time for me to head out to Southeast Asia. I’ll be backpacking for six weeks with my best friend, and then I have a lifetime to figure out what’s next. I recently obtained my yoga teacher certification and I’m just excited to see what’s in store.


Enjoy reading Beat, Broke, Backpacking! If you want to see more, check out some of my other projects and posts.


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A Passion and A Passport
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Something in her Ramblings
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Peaceful Dumpling

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